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Mites Could Make You Sick on Your Bed.

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According to doctors, whether you’re still sneezing, have runny or itchy nose, sore throat, skin rashes or get sick all year round, the tiny bugs (dust mites) and germs live on your bed may be the culprits.
Dust mites are tiny microorganisms which live off scales of human skin and thrive in humid environments. You can’t see them but they are everywhere in your house; on the bedding, carpets, soft furnishings and clothing.

When people are away in the day, they shut the windows and the moisture stays in the house. The house gets very humid and dust mite and germs gather there causing illnesses.

“Average bed contains around 10 million dust mites,” says the WebMD online medical journal report.
Dust mites are harmless but colds, asthma and other allergies can be caused by their droppings and body fragments, the study further said.
“10 per cent of the weight of your pillow will be made up of dust mites and their droppings, explained Dr Lisa Ackerley, a home hygiene expert.

According to Dr Lisa Ackerley, a home hygiene specialist, 10 per cent of your pillow’s weight will consist of dust mites and their droppings.
The dust mites may cause eczema, hay fever, and may be a factor in up to 80 per cent of people with asthma, she says. Apart from the dust mites, she said other microorganisms like the cold or flu virus could live on the bed linen even after washing.

“One may be excreting salmonella into the bed with food poisoning. They may still be contaminated with harmful germs, such as Norovirus and Salmonella, even though you wash your sheets, which would not be eliminated simply by washing your linens.

“People have this misconception that actually putting dirty things in a washing machine is going to destroy all germs, but that’s just not the case. Contagious bacteria and viruses like Influenza and E.coli will withstand low temperature washing, thereby increasing your family’s possible risk of infection, “she added.

Dr Ackerley recommends using an antibacterial laundry disinfectant if you have to wash at low temperatures. She said keeping a window open to allow some of the moisture and humidity out would also help to avoid dust mites from colonizing the room, she added.

A recent research has linked asthma risk for the childhood to dust mites and cat allergies in a similar development. From the study, the researchers were able to say children with family history of allergic diseases who are more likely to develop asthma by age 7.

The study was conducted with 500 babies and preschoolers from Cincinnati, USA. Allergy skin prick testing was performed on the children at age 1, 2, 3 and 4. At age 7 they were being screened for asthma.
According to the report, children with positive results for cat and dust mite allergies year-to-year had an increased chance of developing asthma by age 7. The researchers have, however, not found a connection.

“We need further research, but it appears that year-to-year skin prick tests can differentiate between allergic children and determine who is at the highest risk of developing asthma,” said lead researcher Dr. Jessica Tan.
According to Tan, general risk factors for developing asthma include a family history of asthma, viral-induced wheezing and skin disease eczema.

Whereas the Nigerian Thoracic Society (NTS) also listed dust mites as one of the causes of asthma attacks during this year’s World Ashma Day celebration.
Speaking at the case, the Association’s Secretary-General, Dr. Olufemi Adewole, said the detection and avoidance of asthma causes would help patients maintain an active and healthy asthma-life.

According to him, the causes include dust mites, cigarette smoke, air pollution, pollen, animal dander, respiratory infections, heavy exercise, heat, dry or cold weather, dried food and wine sulphites, deodorants, fragrances, air fresheners, paint, and cleaners.

He also advised patients with asthma to avoid toxic conditions that can worsen their asthma. “Studies have shown that asthma exacerbations can have a significant effect on the environment, whether from cigarette smoke or environmental pollution. Climate change and air pollution were also associated with increased incidence and exacerbation of asthma, “he added.

The NTS ‘message to asthma patients is that given their asthma, they can live optimally well with no limitations. The NTS also emphasized the correct use of controller and relief drugs, adding that patients should not have to rely solely on their symptoms.

“A number of asthma patients have died in our country because of the use of alternative medicines that were not approved. We are using this tool to encourage all patients and relatives of persons with cough and dyspnoea, loud breathing, and breathlessness who have been recurring to submit for required tests to the nearest health facility, “the association said.

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