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How to Curb Internet Fraud in Nigeria

Olaitan Nurudeen



How to Curb Internet Fraud in Nigeria

By: Nurudeen Olaitan

Internet fraud is the use of Internet services or software with Internet access to defraud victims or to otherwise take advantage of them – FBI

Internet scam take various forms; from online retails who refuse to deliver items to organising of fake giveaways on social media and extorting victims by deceit of many kinds which includes fake love. It could also be by stealing credit card details or hacking a personal or organisation’s bank account and so on.

In Nigeria, curbing internet scam has since been very difficult because of the staggering and corrupt system but it is possible if we are determined. We are talking about a country where ‘yahoo yahoo’ as it’s fondly call has become norms and custom of the youth who perceive it as a means to put body and soul together and live in affluence without being checked. The height of it all is that internet fraudsters’ mothers now have association, according to EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu.

Nevertheless, these are means I suggest that can be utilised to curb internet scam in Nigeria.

Firstly, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, should up their game by employing technology in their findings and not base their suspicion on account of wealth flaunting on social media or the use of expensive gadgets alone. EFCC have to employ cyber security to fight the technology battle with the so call ‘G boys’. Our ancestors says, “it is latest hunters that can kill the latest games”.

To achieve anything using technology, I think the country should have an effective database of her citizens like the Social Security Number as it applies in the USA.

Secondly, the youths who constitute 60% of the country’s total population should be specially catered for. The governments should create mass employment and enabling environment for the teeming unemployed and underemployed youths and for those who are interested in entrepreneurship among them.

Also, the officers of government agencies in charge of investigating and prosecuting internet fraudsters should be honest, patriotic and shun corruption. Also, whenever suspects are indicted, they should be served judgement according to the law and not otherwise.

In addition, Nigeria should improve the standard of education, make education excellence attractive as it was in the 60s and sensitize the people on the consequences of fraudulent acts on the integrity of the country among the comity of nations.

In conclusion, with the situation we found ourselves, in such a dilapidated system where massive corruption is eminent, curbing internet scam requires all hands to be on deck including individual immediate family where morals should be taught.

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Nurudeen Olaitan is a Linguist, Teacher, and Adventurer. He is Passionate about Sport, Travelling, Writing, & Politics. He puts Humanity above anyone or anything & hold Honesty and Integrity in high esteem.Reach him via or @nurdeanO on Twitter


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