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Legendary Tortoise, Alagba, Died at Soun of Ogbomoso’s Palace

Olaitan Nurudeen



Legendary Tortoise, Alagba, Died at Soun of Ogbomoso’s Palace

The legendary tortoise at the Soun of Ogbomoso’s Palace in Oyo State is dead today.

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The mythical tortoise known as ALAGBA (Elder) is said to be around 344-years old. It has been at the Palace for so many years and had witnessed the enthronement and demise of a few King in the kingdom.

Alagba acknowledge greetings by nodding whenever one calls him Baba or Alagba. Alagba is no doubt an important member of the palace and the kingdom. It also served as a tourist attraction to Ogbomoso.

The Yoruba people of Nigeria, hold this legendary tortoise in high esteem in its lifetime. They no longer regard it as an animal but a person, hence the use of the personal pronoun “he” instead of “it”.

Alagba usually visit the market opposite to the palace and return home after some sightseeing. There is a mythology that it was a king that transition into the tortoise many years ago

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