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Emergency Security Concern: Villagers Attack, Rob UDUS Students

Olaitan Nurudeen



Emergency Security Concern: Villagers Attack, Rob UDUS Students

Students of Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto, are being attacked on a daily basis by villagers living around the campus.

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According to reports, the bandits attack their victims in the school community including, hostels situated inside the school, with short knives known as dagger to rob them off their belongings ranging from gadget like phones and laptops to foodstuffs. The implications of not getting anything from one is maiming.

Over the last few weeks, about 12 students have been reportedly injured having severe injuries.

Students said the believe of the locals is that students are all from rich home which is the reason they can afford all they have, and that that is a misconception.

However, the students may result to reprisal if nothing is done about the dirty situation.

Bearing in mind the insecurity all over the country, it would be a wise option for the school administration to address the students and the situation at a go to avoid another clash that will be too expensive to explain. We understand that the administration is avoiding heating the polity, hence, the Vice Chancellor or any principal officer of the institution has not said a word about the insanity but it would be good to do the needful.

Meanwhile, students have accused the school administration and the S.U.G on social media of denying the insecurity flaw ongoing probably because no life has been lost yet.

The students hereby demand the following: 1. That the school administration comes alive to the fact.

  1. Make solid wall fence round the school to shield it away from numerous villages around.
  2. Employ more security personnel and equip them adequately.

  3. Ultimately, ensure a stop to this barbaric act before it metamorphoses into large scale banditry by involving the police and other security apparatus within reach.


naija news today

naija news today

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