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How You are Making Your Husband’s Biz Unsuccessful by Chinonso Ogbogu

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If you are dating or married to an entrepreneur that is building a real business, I have this message for you.

The first thing he or she really needs from you is peace of mind.

Yes, love or sex is good but don’t come into his or her life to mess up the peace needed to function at prime.

If you are a drama warlord, please take your battle elsewhere and allow an entrepreneur breathe.

He or she doesn’t need drama as a factor of production.

Peace is what allows him or her to vegetate.

I say this because I have seen what the lack of mental peace can do to an entrepreneur’s business.

These days, I read a lot of awful news online and it worries me.

A lot of enterprising women and men today are gnashing their teeth in pain and resignation because they can’t find peace of mind.

They fight all the battles out there in the business field and then return to their home base only to begin another rounds of battle.

I mean, who survives in such hostile atmosphere?

It’s just exhausting!

This becomes even sadder when this peace is distorted by the person they truly love.

Dear entrepreneurs.

The lack of peace can ruin your plan, clog your momentum, sap your energy, and derail your focus.

I know you already know that, right?

But don’t pray you fall into this mess.

It hurts deeply.

And if you’re someone that is dating or married to an entrepreneur, please allow him or her to have peace.

Abi dem send you?

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