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Insecurity in Nigeria: Dr Omole Calls for Emergency Security Summit

Olaitan Nurudeen



Insecurity in Nigeria: Dr Omole Calls for Emergency Security Summit

The dire state of the Security services in Nigeria is no longer sustainable. Things can only get worse unless the government act quickly to fix the situation. The first thing the government need to accept is that there is no purely security solution to our insecurity. There also has to be Socio-Economic measures put in place to block the pipeline of new criminality we now see in Nigeria. But to establish a coherent policy; an Emergency Security Summit (ESS) should be organised by the President as a matter of urgency.

This will bring together experts from within government and outside of government along with other key stake holders to design a solution to our increasing insecurity. The government’s approach seems ad-hoc, disjointed, reactive and not Intelligence-Led. But there are plenty of other solutions.

I am certain, PMB is being fed a narrowed perspective which has excluded many workable solutions. An ESS will enable him to see the entire spectrum of possibilities beyond his current narrow diet.

The ESS must last no longer than a week and practical measures with timeliness must be produced to address the sliding chaos in the nation. There are lots of unused tactics and approaches that must be explored. Why is an ESS necessary, you may ask? There are a 7 KEY Reasons:

  1. The President currently lives in a bubble and as such experiences selective narrative of what is going on and what is possible. Leaders if not careful surrounds themselves with those that affirms their blind spot rather than those that challenge it to bring broader perspectives.
  2. If you want to get something you have never got; you need to do something you have never done. An ESS will be a new action that will naturally produce new ideas the government has never had before. It will allow fresh thinking and outside perspectives that can upturn the narrow fixation of those currently managing our security.

  3. An ESS, will demonstrate the willingness of government to indeed do ALL THAT IS NECESSARY to secure the nation. They have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

  4. Nigeria has a lot of talent in the security field that are not being utilised. Many retired officers exist that now possess additional skill and insight that will help the nation. ESS will allow their input to be secured as additional perspectives.

  5. An ESS will create a Joined-Up solution instead of the agency-led silo activities that current exemplify our security responses. Too many disparate activities by the various agencies create waste. Nigeria has 21 agencies & ministries that relates to Security.

There is no joined up platform for them or any strategic operational glue that binds them together. An ESS will force cooperation on them as tactical steps will have to be joined-up as they will all be present on the table.

  1. If nothing else; an ESS will validate (through external experts) the actions of current security services, if indeed they have been doing the correct things. This will help build public support for them as they are currently viewed as incompetent and corrupt.
  2. An ESS, will be a good platform to launch a new tactical and strategic operational security activities as the new Presidential term begins. Simply doing more of what has not worked in the past for years will not produce a different outcome.

So Mr President, we need an urgent Emergency Security Summit (ESS) to breath new life into this dead swamp of outdated and incoherent security operations. We must do ALL that is necessary when it comes to securing the nation.

As I have stated before; there is no prosperous but insecure nation on earth. Security is the fundamental prerequisite for economic growth and democratic advancement. Enough of business as usual. New Actions must speak louder than same old words and platitudes. Yes we can.

#SecureNigeriaNow . This is possible. But we must act now.

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