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We Arrested Abuja Prostitutes We Arrested Prostitutes Because they Don’t Pay Tax – Police



We Arrested Prostitutes Because they Don’t Pay Tax – Police

The Nigeria Police Force defends its arrest of hundred women in Abuja, says arrested suspected prostitutes do not pay tax.

Following the recent clamp-down of about a hundred women in a night club in Abuja and the outrage after it particularly by human right organisations and feminists, the police explained the reasons for their action.

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ACP Abayomi Shogunle said prostitution is a crime under the law and a sin in line with the beliefs of Abuja residents. He added that prostitutes spread HIV and it is clearly against our culture as a people. They don’t even pay tax from their daily proceed he concluded.

The police also confirmed that only 65 women were arrested at the club raid not 100 as widely spread. Spokesman of FCT Social Welfare Secrétariat also denied allegation of sexual assault on the women during the arrest.

Nur'deen Olaitan, a Linguist from University of Ilorin. Passionate about sport, travelling, writing, & politics. He puts humanity above anyone or anything. He hold honesty and integrity in high esteem. Reach him via


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