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Best Freelancing Platform To make Money From Home in 2019

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Fiverr is an online platform which name comes from the type of initial job set up to bed done there, meaning the platform charges used to be 5$ from the beginning. Back in 2012, over three millions services were offered that year.

Fiverr was founded by Shaiwinninger and Micha Kaufman in 2010, based in Isreal, Tel Aviv to be precise, this site is mostly used by freelancers, outsources to offer service to client all over the world.

Fiverr is a place where you can make extra income with any knowledge you have so far you good at using the knowledge, fiverr has proven to be a very good side hustler business for any serious minded fellow.

Things you can do on fiverr are not limited to the list below;

Logo and banner design

Website design

Dating tips

You can even do things like teaching people how to cook

Teaching people how to do business


Software development


Naija news Live would list out some knowledge that would convert very well and also list our ways to get your first order and rank to the first page.

Key things to watch out for on fiverr:






Completion rating

Review (Most important)

Cancellation rate


There is no limit to how much you can per day if you are serious about the side hustle, things listed above will guide you to success when they are explained very well in our next article.

According to my research, fiver generated 15million dollars in 2015, imagine you were there this time and you also have a share of your own from this huge amount of dollar, although 20% of your earning goes to fiver because they will be bring you client that would pay you which I think it’s a fair deal.



Lets talk about Upwork, formally called o-desk, this is platform when people looking to get professional jobs done connect with professionals who are willing to solve their problem.


Upwork came up from merging together of o-desk and elance, Over 12 million freelancer are registered on upwork while 5 million buyer are register, over 3 milion just were posted annually with a revenue of about $1 billion, and this makes them a popular website along with fiver.

Upwork is a little bit different from fiver, you can charge any amount on this platform, with this you can make as much as possible on this platform, one more thing is that its hard to get a customer here on line fiver, you need to compete before you win a bid for a job.

Even with this you can still earn better because the pay is always high. is a worldwide crowdsourcing websites where potential employers post jobs needed  to be done online and then people who are freelancers bids on the job where the winners get the job and the pay as well.

There are some difference between this platform and fiverr which is the fact that you have to 5$ membership fee on freelancer and also 10% on every fund you acquire working online. With the payments and percentage it still a good bargain because freelancers who work on fiverr makes cool money working online and from home, and you don’t have to worry about the traffic has taken good care of this.


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