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WARNING: Never Wash Inside the Vagina, UK Doctor Clamours

Nur'deen Olaitan



WARNING: Never Wash Inside the Vagina, UK Doctor Clamours

A UK based Nigerian medical doctor, Dr. Harvey Olufunmilayo clamours about the needless effort to wash inside the vagina.

Why should you not wash inside the Vagina, how does the Vagina get cleaned, what are the consequences of washing inside the Vagina with other things apart from water, wha are the symptoms of infection, when do you need to see a doctor and so on, are questions comprehensively answered by this lesson below.







Your vagina is not a sink or rug.

It does not need metal sponge, VIM or detergents; pls leave it alone.

Many people wash INSIDE the vagina- an act called douching- which has been implicated in many problems for young women.


It causes perpetual foul smelling vagina discharge, continuous infections, upsets the normal vagina environment and can lead to difficulty getting pregnant.

The body by itself produces natural juices that AUTOMATICALLY keeps the vagina clean, moisturised and always healthy. That’s what comes out as the normal vagina discharge that you see.


The vagina is continuously being cleaned and continuously stays clean. ALL BY ITSELF.

Nobody washes deep inside their anus

We just trust that it is clean.


Nobody washes inside their eyes.

We just trust that it is clean.


And they are.

Because the body naturally has a mechanism that automatically cleans all this openings- including nose and ears- WITHOUT our help.

And so it is for the vagina.

The body by itself NATURALLY has its own cleaning mechanism that keeps it clean and healthy AT ALL TIMES.


As I said, the normal vagina discharge that you see is one such cleaning mechanism.


It’s the body’s way of continuous cleaning and flushing.

That’s why NORMAL vagina discharge doesn’t smell bad (it may have a smell but it’s never bad/fishlike), doesn’t have any colour (or sometimes slightly off-white), doesn’t itch, doesn’t come with fever or abdominal pain and is not unduly much.


This is what the normal feels like.

Foul smelling vagina discharge starts due to many reasons- it’s mainly infections. Including but NOT exclusive to sexually transmitted infections.


And one reason people get bad smelling, copious vagina discharge is the need to be washing and sticking all sorts inside the vagina.

That’s when the vagina starts to have very unusual discharge like fishy smell, yellow/green/pink colour, can be cheesy, very copious, very itchy, you feel unwell with a fever or abdominal pain.


ALL of this suggests an infection or an imbalance in the vagina environment.

And this “imbalance” in the vagina environment is because of unnecessary practices mainly by washing inside the vagina with perfumed soaps, using bubble baths, shampoo or shower gel, vaginal deodorants, washes or douches and many other highly marketed nonsense sold to women.

Some have the fishy smell because they have recent sex or recent change in sex partner or recent IUD contraception- but ALSO because of all this unnecessary douching and washing of the vagina.


People think they are trying to be “clean” but actually they are harming themselves.

I find that for a lot of young ladies there’s a lot of obsession with trying to “wash” or “clean” the vagina.

Lets be clear on this matter.

Only have your bath normally, eat well and practise basic hygiene.


The vagina NATURALLY cleans and washes itself without needing you.

As a matter of fact, many young women do a lot of damage to the vagina, as well as get infections as a result of an unhelpful and unhealthy obsession with the vagina, tampering with its serene environment all in the name of “cleaning” and “washing” it.

This is sadly unnecessary.

The vagina by itself has some natural microorganisms & a pH that normally keeps it clean and healthy on its own.


A normal vagina discharge which is odorless,colorless & non-itchy is the vagina cleaning itself out by itself.

This is how fantastic the vagina is, without your help.

However, with factors like poor hygiene, unsafe sex, and particularly shoving all sorts of things like soaps, creams, powder, water hose, etc; women get avoidable vagina infections.


Your vagina is not Jeans. It does not need scrubbing brush, JIK or detergents; leave it alone ma.

A good number of the so-called “feminine wash”, soaps, powder, sprays etc are very toxic to the vagina and the vulva (the entrance area to the vagina).

They cause irritation to the skin, they make the vagina prone to infections and some outrightly cause avoidable vagina damage.

So what are simple tips for healthy vagina care –


1. Use only warm water to wash the vulva (the outer part of the vagina). Dry with a clean towel.

2. NEVER douch.

3. NEVER put anything into the vagina- no soaps, no creams, no sprays.

Only a clean penis and clean tampons.

4. As much as you can, wear clean cotton underwear. Try not to wear nylon, acetate, or other fibres that may cause irritation.

5. Avoid wearing anything too tight.

6. Rinse underwear thoroughly after you wash.

7. Except u used it before with no problems, thongs can be unsafe.

8. Do not sit in saltwater bath as a routine or if not recommended. It’s unnecessary.

But if u just had a baby and your doctor/midwife prescribes it, do sitz baths as advised.

9. Don’t scratch. If u have any itching down there, see a doctor. Scratching may make you sore & worse.

10. As much as possible, avoid wearing nylon pantyhose or panty girdles. Nylon materials are notorious for trapping heat & moisture, providing ideal breeding environment for organisms.

If you need nylons or leggings, wear cotton or nylons with a cotton panty. It’s better.

11. Anytime you feel the need to clean up, simply have a shower. Or use safe intimate wipes if a shower is not around.


Intimate wipes give convenience. Especially when you are menstruating, or during the hot times of the year or when you are traveling especially long distance.

12. Wipe yourself from front to back.


It is very easy to export bacteria from anus to the vagina when u wipe from back to front, so make sure you NEVER forget this rule.

It will save u a lot of infections.


Use unscented and uncolored toilet paper in order to avoid irritation.

13. Never use a perfume or deodorant to make your vagina smell better. It is unnecessary waste of money & overzealous waste of efforts.

A vagina may have a unique smell, but it should never ever smell bad.

A foul or fishy smell is usually a sign of infection & poor hygiene.

14. NEVER wear the same pads, tampons or panty liner for a whole day.

Panty liners are not intended to be used for prolonged periods of time. Leaving the same one on for too long can irritate your skin and increase the risk of infection.

Pls change it every four hours at least. Sanitary pads and tampons need to be well taken care of, especially due to the menstrual blood that stays in close contact with your skin.

Always change your panty liners, pads or tampons every 4 hours if possibe, right before sleeping and as soon as you wake up in the morning.

15. Finally, pls stay away from the bad practice of self-diagnosis, googling your symptoms and self-medication. It is unsafe and risky for you.

If you have any worries, abnormal vagina discharge/smell, anything unusual at all, see your doctor. You may have a serious infection.

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for reading.

And have a splendid weekend ahead!

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