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2019 Election: Osinbajo Reacts to Buhari Islamization Agenda

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Osinbajo Reacts to Allegation of Buhari islamizing Nigeria

The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo has dismissed reports that President Muhammadu Buhari has plans to Islamize Nigeria.

Osinbajo assured that neither Buhari nor anyone in the current government was plotting to impose any single religion on the country.

Addressing a mammoth crowd during his unique Family Chat at Kurudu, FCT, Osinbajo said the propaganda peddled by naysayers was aimed at discrediting President Buhari who already has a record that shows he is a detribalized leader.

Osinbajo pointed out that over 20 Christians are currently in Buhari’s cabinet.

He said: “I have interacted with this man Buhari, he is an honest man, he has no intention whatsoever of imposing his religion on anybody at all.

“In our cabinet, there are 20 people who are Christians, 18 who are Muslims and our Head of Service (Winifred Oyo-Ita) is a Christian from Winners Chapel.

“The Secretary to the Government of the Federation (Boss Mustapha) who is the highest civil servant is also a Christian, so there is no way in the world that anybody will tell you that.

“They are only spreading propaganda and they are trying to discredit the man (Buhari) but they are telling a lie.”

Osinbajo also recalled that those peddling the rumor previously lied that President Buhari was sponsoring Boko Haram and had told the terrorist group to attack the Jonathan government.

“In 2015 when we were coming into office, they said this man (Buhari) is the one supporting Boko Haram, they said it was on the grounds that he didn’t have good intentions for Jonathan’s legislature, yet it was a falsehood on the grounds that on 24th July, 2014, Boko Haram assaulted Buhari in Kaduna, slaughtered 82 individuals including seven of Buhari’s relatives who were with him.

“That is the equivalent Boko Haram that they guaranteed he was supporting however at this point everyone realizes that his not behind Boko Haram, the equivalent Muhammadu buhari is the person who drove Maitatsine out of this district, when Maitatsine was in this nation and he is doing same thing to Boko Haram,” he said.

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