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Kaduna Crisis: A Survivor Account

Nur'deen Olaitan



cross river clash


I am saddened and miffed at what I witnessed first hand today in Kaduna.

In a twinkle of an eye hundreds of ‘Muslim’, young unemployed, highly drugged, fiercely looking, wielding assorted crudely fashioned weapons were swarming all over the streets looking for innocent Christians to slay, decapitate and murder.

This is the ‘Muslim’ part of Kaduna.
On the other divide of River Kaduna, several innocent Muslims passing through Kaduna were mercilessly hacked to death by angry bloodthirsty ‘Christian ‘ youths.
As my driver weaved his way through side streets and shanty alleys to avoid these hoodlums who May attack us at our The slightest opportunity, not minding my being a fellow ‘Muslim’, I was fortunate to pick up Mr Martins, a Christian, who happens to be a pharmacist operating his pharmacy a street away from my house.

Looking like a fish out of water, suddenly Martins is on ‘Enemy’ Territory, with a 50-50 chance of either being killed or maimed. Arriving home safely may be an exercise in futility.

Fortunately, with the help of a police friend we took martins home in one piece. However, coming out of where is now our ‘Enemy’ territory’, the Christian part of Kaduna, we witnessed a replica of the same scenario. Killer youths armed to the teeth looking for Muslims to slay.

Back home, my three year old daughter Hanifa, is grueling me with questions asking me why she can’t go to school on Monday. I told her there is a curfew and she asked me what does a curfew means? I said its a kind of holiday, she asked why should there be a holiday suddenly? I told her it’s from The Governor and she asked why should the Governor give holiday on Monday. I reluctantly said there is a fight in town, and she looked me in the eyes and said ‘Baba why should people fight? Don’t they know it’s wrong? Don’t they know I will be going to school tomorrow?’ And she started crying! I hugged her, with tears in my eyes lost of all reasonable explanations.

This is the country we found ourselves in. This is our sad reality. This isn’t the first crisis I witnessed. I have lost count. I have lost friends and acquaintances.

We should consciously elect Capable, Sincere, competent, reasonable and HUMANE Leaders in the coming elections who will address this monstrous country in a just and equitable way and manner. I am seriously lost for words. We simply don’t deserve this savagery. We have become beasts, heartless, barbaric and cruel. People who profess religion but are faithless.
This country called Nigeria Needs a total overhaul. Pistons, Rings, bearings, and a Fresh Lubricant to ease our current self inflicted Friction.

God where did we go wrong? Sad ? ‘

Bashir. I. Bashir
Kaduna, Nigeria ??.
21st Oct 2018.

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Nur'deen Olaitan, a Linguist from University of Ilorin. Passionate about sport, travelling, writing, & politics. He puts humanity above anyone or anything. He hold honesty and integrity in high esteem.Reach him via


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