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Kaduna Crisis: The Root Cause of the Killings, El-rufai’s Contribution

Nur'deen Olaitan



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Kaduna Story: The Root Cause of the Killings


-This is the root cause of the Killings going on in Kaduna State, Nigeria according to an insider. It is both tribal and religious.

-Governor Nasir El-rufai, the executive governor of the state may have got a policy wrong.

-Chief Adara opposed the governor’s wish and he was kidnapped.

-60 people were killed on the first day (Thursday) of the mayhem.


This story compiled by Nigeria Daily Times was gotten from an insider who prefers to remain anonymous.

“The river Kaduna divides Kaduna into northern and southern areas. South of the river is Kaduna south LGA, then chikun LGA, then kajuru LGA, then kujama LGA, kachia LGA, Kagoro LGA dey go like that till you reach plateau or nassarawa. Predominantly Christian, with chiefdoms.

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Nadir el rufai

In June of this year, el-rufai said that hence forth, the chiefdoms would be known as emirates.. And emirate is ruled by an emir, often a Muslim who is forced to dress like the image of muslim king we are familiar with, the turban etc.

People opposed it, as it meant destruction of traditional institutions.. But it was supported by the Muslim traders in the southern areas. This has always been a source of conflict, on visitors coming to dictate what goes on in these areas with the support of govt. Eg Z.kataf etc

A notable critic is the chief of adara chiefdom where the town kasuwa magani falls under. Kasuwan magani has a very big Thursday market, where u go see jeeps park for main road because of how foodstuff cheap. You’d think he’s an Igbo man because of his dressing n the leopard skin.

He said southern chiefs cannot wear turban. Tensions had been high over his position. The thing dey cause small small quarrel for their market and town, before you know, fight happen on Thursday for kasuwan magani.. Dem kill over 60people, we no know their religion.

El rufai come do peace meeting for kachia, as this same adara (kadara) chief dey return, dem ambush am, kill the police escort and 4 of his traditional guards, den carry the king comot. Unknown gunmen.

When kachia people and kasuwan magani people hear, before dem mobilize, army dun block everywhere.. Das why sabo youths vex.. So sabo, maraba rido and kakuri organize rematch this afternoon.. As match dey start, naim el rufai declare 24hrs curfew..”

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