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Feminists: We Won’t Kneel Down for Our Husbands on Wedding Day

Nur'deen Olaitan



Feminists: We Won’t Kneel Down for Our Husbands on Wedding Day

A feminists simply known as @EniolaHu said she did not kneel down for her husband on their traditional wedding. She said it was pre-planned by both of them and they told the compere to skip the program of kneeling on the agenda.

This declaration has caused so much outrage on social media where most of the comment recorded were against the idea that seems to be in contradictory with African and particularly the Yoruba culture that she belongs.

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The bride also brag that she is not using her husband’s surname.

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Another of her kind said, apart from kneeling she has discussed with her parent’s that they won’t receive bride price from her man, she calls it ‘nonsense’ and gives


a sound warning that they (feminists) are very serious about their demands.

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My husband is not my owner, she added.

naija news today

Incidentally both of them are from the Yoruba race, a tribe that respects culture and tradition. Unfortunately, Westernization is changing the story. Women are trying to prove equality with men at every sphere.

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