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UNBELIEVABLE: Police Helped Road Users On Third Mainland Bridge

Nur'deen Olaitan



UNBELIEVABLE: Police Helped Road Users On Third Mainland Bridge

A gentleman named Adeniyi Adekunle narrated how the men of the Nigeria Police Force helped him change his car tire on Third Mainland Bridge.

He said he was expecting them to ask for ‘something’ afterwards but was shocked that they only wish him well after helping him wash his hands. They also helped another motorist the same time.

This is his story of appraisal of Mr Adeyemi, Mr Zakari and Mr Augustine which he shared on Facebook. These are Nigeria ambassadors that are making change to begin with them.

“I was driving on thrid mainland bridge and had a flat tyre just before the Yaba turning. As I pulled off the road to change the tyre, a police man approached me asking what the problem was. Before long he had called his colleagues and they were helping me change my car tyre.

I must confess, I was a bit uncomfortable seeing the officer getting down to change the tyre while I assisted.

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Mr Adeyemi, removing a damaged tire.

After changing the tyre, they gave me a pack of sachet water to wash my hands, then I was wanting for their next move…

To my surprise they simply wished me well as I continued my journey, absolutely no request or demand for anything.

So I want to say a very big thank you to officers Zakari, Adeyemi and Augustine Ameh for really demonstrating that the police can really be your friend.

Just about the same time another driver pulled over who had missed his way, they were equally as helpful with such gracious attitude.

Sometimes we look for the spirit of the New Nigeria in the wrong places, but that Saturday I was excited to see that the spirit of the New Nigeria is already at work all around us, modelled by simple everyday people.

With all the negative things that come out of the Nigerian Police Force, it was so amazing seeing these men of the Nigerian Police demonstrate such selflessness at no cost.

To officers Zakari, Adeyemi and Augustine Ameh, I salute and honour you for your conduct.

naija news today

A policeman helping to pour water on Mr Adeyemi’s hands

I pray you will see and enjoy the reward of the good investment you are making in this country.

I hope this can somehow get to the force authorities.

God bless you!”

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Nur'deen Olaitan, a Linguist from University of Ilorin. Passionate about sport, travelling, writing, & politics. He puts humanity above anyone or anything. He hold honesty and integrity in high esteem.Reach him via


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