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POEM: We Built This Place, How Did We Get Here?

Nur'deen Olaitan





Edited By: Ray Smith & Nurudeen Olaitan


A lecturer wanting 5 rounds to pass a female student.

A policeman demanding 500k for bail.

A judge demanding 5m for judgement.

A public servant demanding 50m for a contract.

A voter demanding 5k for his/her vote.

A clergy demanding 5-500k for “blessings”.

A place where customs prefer to be ‘settled’ than pay Tariff

And the entire country sells for peanuts by immigration

Leader(s) close their eyes to corruption and nepotism.

A parent offering 50k for ward’s admission into a school or paying for exam questions.

A society rewarding incompetence.

A society closing its mind to murder.

A society shutting down common sense.

A society designed to allow the worst to emerge to the top, in many respects.

A society that justifies all things in the name of politics, tribe, ethnicity, greed and individual benefit.

A society that blackmails others for differences in thinking.

A Nation that we have all collectively built. One working towards oppressing the other.

Where impunity is rife. Where our default thinking is on wailing or hailing never a consideration of the issue.

A society with low or no expectations from their leaders.

A society in conflict with itself.

A society where thought is absent. That all issues are swept under the carpet depending on who holds the broom and where all things can be covered depending on where the umbrella tilts.

A society where seemingly educated men run away from speaking out in the face of evil so that they will be seen as saints.

A society where evil doers are glorified by men who pretend to be gentlemen.

A society where men have no regards to the legacy they will leave behind.

How did we get here?

That is a question begging for answers

A society where money is preferred to wisdom!!!

We indeed built this place.

For who? Our doom and that of the future generations.

How did we get here? I stress!

What a society!

Sadly but succinctly stated.


NOTE: All monetary value are in Nigerian Naira.

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Nur'deen Olaitan, a Linguist from University of Ilorin. Passionate about sport, travelling, writing, & politics. He puts humanity above anyone or anything. He hold honesty and integrity in high esteem.Reach him via


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