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Nur'deen Olaitan




By: Nurudeen Olaitan

The much anticipated Ekiti polls has come and gone, these are what we have taken out of it in form of lesson and experience; The good, the bad, and the stupid events that surround the transformation process.

Firstly, THE GOOD. The Ekiti election was a good one by all ramifications except to the losers. In the history of election in Nigeria, Ekiti Decides is one of the few not marred by violence or possibly loss of lives and sometimes property. It was described as free, fair, and credible by the umpire (INEC), the presidency, the security agencies and majority of the people of Ekiti state.

A testimony from Dr Joe Odumakin, one of the local observers, said the election was peaceful.

“#EkitiDecides2018 by @inecnigeria was peaceful. The turn out of voters was impressive but was short compared to the number of eligible voters who actually collected their PVCs before the election. In all 16 LGAs, election materials and election officials arrived early”

Like the President, I also, commend the security agencies on ground that ensures the smoothness and violence-free gubernatorial election.

Secondly, THE BAD. The talk on vote buying was all over the place. The ruling All Progressive Congress was said to be the highest bidder for buying a vote at the rate between 5,000 to 10,000 naira on Election Day. The party of the incumbent governor was reportedly buying a vote at the rate of 4,000naira while other parties watch their supporters’ conscience being bought.

Also, the number of security agents on ground was massive; it almost equals the number of eligible voters. The police alone deployed a whooping 30,000 policemen, the Army, NSCDC did not disclose the number of officers deployed for same election.

Having the immigration deployed for an election where permanent voters card(PVC) is in use was the surprise of the day. This is not necessary. The People\'s Democratic Party saw it as a strategy to intimidate their supporters and to give support to All Progressive Congress’s rigging plan, particularly when same numbers of personnel were not deployed to states like Zamfara, Plateau, and Benue were killings are taking place in the country. This is absolutely reasonable.

Then, THE STUPID. Majority does not know the incumbent Deputy Governor, Professor Olusola Eleka, who was the People\'s Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate in Ekiti because he is in the shadow of Fayose. Possibly he might have won if Fayose allowed people knew that he (Fayose) was not the one running again.

Feared showed all over him days to the election, the Rock cried on the floor, the Osoko was jittery, he displayed unnecessary drama which was thwarted by the public. Nay!

Barely 24hours to the election, the incumbent governor, Ayodele Fayose, from the state government purse sent 3,000naira each to civil servants possibly to bribe the people he refuse to pay their salaries for 6months, that may have angered some of them. Nay!

Also, on the d-day the governor in his egoistic nature went on air to declare his party the winner of the yet to be announced poll by the election authority. This led to the indefinite closure of Ekiti Broadcasting Service by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC). Nay!

A journalist asked him what he has done to deserve re-election of his party in the state, instead of him to seize this chance to further win hearts, he stumbled, saying he was frying garri with Ekiti women; is that an achievement? Nay!

He boasted that with his popularity if his family member was nominated, he ‘ll win the election. No wonders why Dr Mahfouz Adedimeji described him as uncultured when he said:

“May God save us from Fayoseosis, a compound condition of unbridled public indecorum, nauseating political demagoguery, self-righteous vainglory and street-wise garrulity.”

In addition, the most stupid are the Ekiti people who sold their right to development for peanuts. Ordinarily, the people should have ignored both APC and PDP, especially as the eventual winner was a former governor who was not convincing during his first tenure. Thirty-four political parties fielded gubernatorial candidates for this election, notably among them is Independent Democrat (ID) that presented the youngest candidate, Ekiti should have made a better decision.

People said, but they are educated, I opined that education is different from enlightenment, they are educated illiterates. They are indeed the most stupid because Dr John Kayode Fayemi, the governor elect, is not the best on the list.

By so doing, future generations may not forgive them.


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Nur'deen Olaitan, a Linguist from University of Ilorin. Passionate about sport, travelling, writing, & politics. He puts humanity above anyone or anything. He hold honesty and integrity in high esteem.Reach him via


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