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Oche Nnanna, The Chairman Of Editorial Board Of Vanguard Newspapers called Yorubas SOPHISTICATED MORONS for applauding President Buhari honor to MKO

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Unbelievable! Mr Oche Nnanna, The Chairman Of Editorial Board Of Vanguard Newspapers just called Yorubas “SOPHISTICATED MORONS’ for applauding the decision Of President Buhari to honor MKO, the Winner of what everyone agreed was the freest election ever conducted in Nigeria, but which was annulled by the then Military ruler who jailed him thereafter. MKO eventually died in prison on the eve of his release. (By the way many non Yoruba people also applauded the decision since it was the right thing to do)

To be honest, I am right now short of words to respond to this ethnic bigot of the IGBO extraction, who is a disgrace to all decent IGBO People everywhere and an embarrassment to decent reporters everywhere.

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This ethnic bigot who occupies the highest seat on the editorial board of arguably the most read Nigerian paper online (though not as big offline) is about to set off a tribal conflict that most of us have been trying to stay away from.

However since I am one of those Yoruba people an ethnic jingoist like this Mr Nnanna Of Vanguard Newspaper just called ‘sophisticated morons’, I take this as a personal insult at me too.

However I am thinking that since this irredeemable idiot must obviously be sick in the head, if I engaged him too seriously people may not know the difference.

But I am going to stay calm before I really say some stuff I can’t take back about him and other people like him . But here is his photo and screenshot from his Facebook page for everyone to read, particularly other Igbos and I will wait for what thy have to say about their brother.

Also we are all waiting to see what Vanguard Newspapers have to say about this unprovoked attack on Yorubas everywhere.

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