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S’East town unions charge Buhari on corruption, insecurity

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ABA—THE Association of South East Town Unions, ASETU, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to put more efforts to tackle corruption as well as the rising insecurity in the country.


Buhari  The association stated that Nigeria is treading a dangerous path with its citizens being killed daily while the federal government only engages in ‘window dressing efforts’.

In an interview with Vanguard in Aba, National President, ASETU, Chief Emeka Diwe, urged Buhari to be firm in fighting corruption and insecurity, stressing that the federal government has been treating the two problems with kid gloves.

“President Buhari is not doing enough in fighting corruption and insecurity. The Federal Government is only engaged in window dressing efforts, while corruption and insecurity reign supreme in Nigeria.

There have been no serious efforts to tackle corruption and insecurity in Nigeria. Anybody or group found to be involved in the killing of Nigerians must be punished whether he is from the moon or Libya.

“Corruption and insecurity are not the type of problem you fight with sentiments. As far as we are concerned, Buhari is only handling the twin problems with kid gloves while the nation burns. He should be more decisive, these half hearted measures cannot solve the problems.

“You don’t fight corruption through selective means.  You don’t use corrupt people to fight corruption. If you do, the result will be compromise.

You don’t use two set of laws to fight corruption, it will never work.

You don’t use the anti-graft war against perceived opponents.Integrity is the vaccine that can deal with the corruption virus, decisively.

Again, people who fight corruption must live above board and not be partisan. “Nigeria is treading a dangerous path and Buhari needs to act fast.”


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